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An oximeter measures oxygen levels in the blood. A low level may indicate a COVID-19 VIRUS diagnosis and medical advice should be sought urgently. Compact, simple and reliable design Dependable oxygen level and pulse rate measurements Oximeters O 2 Saturation MONITORING Monitoring your blood pressure is an important measure of your health. Always seek medical advice if your Blood Pressure falls outside the normal range Smooth and fast measurements & Irregular Heart beat detection PillBox Chemists Delivering Healthcare to the Community Call 07770 337581 for bespoke pricing • Email enquiries to COVID-19 PPE STAFF PACKS Best value PPE staff packs with a rand of products selected tominismise the risk of the COVID-19 VIRUS. Each pack contains masks, gloves, sanitisers, wipes and a digital personal thermometer. Perfect to give to your staff to protect them from the COVID-19 VIRUS. Refills available for ALL items. Blood Pressure Monitors